Zar Fruity Soap Bars

Welcome to the world of Minhal International, a company that offers a wide range of FMCG products. Browse through our collection of Zar Fruity Soap Bars and find the perfect bar for your skin. Fruity soap bars have grown in popularity recently as consumers look for healthy alternatives to regular soaps. These soaps, that can be use for all skin types and are made from a variety of natural fruit extracts, provide a number of skin benefits. Experience the luxurious lather, refreshing scents, and a new level of clean with Minhal’s International commitment to providing you with the best in fast-moving consumer goods.

Finest Range Of Zar Fruity Soap Bars

Orange soap is a popular option for individuals seeking a healthy and natural solution to clean their skin. ZAR Fruity Orange Soap Bar made from pure orange essential oil, will freshen your skin and keep it fresh & alive. The goal of Minhal International is to offer its customers high-quality goods at competitive prices. Zar Fruity Soap Bars are available both in bigger and smaller packaging. The minimum price ranges from 20 Pkr.

Anyone looking to revitalise and rejuvenate their skin frequently chooses lemon soap. This soap is a mild and nourishing alternative for all skin types because it is made with lemon essential oil and other natural components. Because lemon oil helps to remove pollutants from the skin. Zar Fruity Lemon Soap Bar is known for its cleansing abilities. This leaves the skin feeling clean and clear.

The Zar Fruit Extract Sooper Soap Bar is the ideal option for radiant, clear skin. Fruit extracts and coconut cream are used to make it. The main ingredient of coconut cream soap is coconut oil, which is well-known for its moisturising qualities. It is the best option for people with dry or sensitive skin because it aids in retaining moisture and prevents the skin from becoming flaky and dry. This soap is soft, nutritious, and offers several skin advantages.