Zar Creamy Soap Bars

Zar Cream Soap is mild to the skin and is made of high quality natural vegetable oils. The soap has a creamy formulation. Used for frequent hand washing and as a shower gel for the whole body. The Cream Soap cleans gently while moisturising the skin. The soap is highly economical and suitable for the entire family.

Exquisite Selection Of Zar Creamy Soap Bars

Zar  Aloe Vera soaps are significantly made with quality ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals that could harm the skin. They are made with nutritious experience in mind. Making them a great choice for those who are looking for acne free glowing skin.

Minhal International introducing Zar premium soap bars with rose extracts – a luxurious way to pamper your skin. These soap bars are made with natural ingredients, including the soothing properties of rose. The gentle formula makes it ideal for sensitive skin, while the delicate fragrance will leave you feeling refresh.